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My Story

"The will to succeed is important, but
what's even more important is
the will to prepare."   
Bobby Knight

As I wrote this bio I remembered a couple things my grandmother told me... 

She said, "Eric when you're old, all you have is your memories. It's like a locket you wear around your neck and can remember whenever you want. So make sure you create good memories to carry around with yourself for the rest of your life."

She also told me, "when you're 90 years old and on your death bed, do you want to say I lived life by all the rules or do you want to say I lived! ... I went for it!"

Well, here are some things I remembered from my athletic career...and yes I have several very exciting athletic memories, that many years later I still enjoy remembering and telling people about. And yes I went for it and continue to go for it. I hope you do too!

Here are the highlights: